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Love Sports India is a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, founded by Mr. Pramod Mistry.

This organization stems from a passion for motivating the next generation to embrace sports and more importantly a healthier lifestyle. Love Sports India signifies the notion of “Kids Out of Home” and inculcates the virtues of being “Competitive and Healthier.”

Love Sports India is planning to equip 100 or more schools with PT training equipment in 2020, With help from the Government of Gujarat program “Madre Watan” launched by Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani, our goal is to provide Equipment to 1000 government schools in Gujarat has more than 500 students in school. Love Sports India will donate exercise equipment to any needy school in any school anywhere in India if we have donors wish to donate their choice of school.

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During 1st phase start looking for girls' schools and equip those schools with physical fitness equipment and sport like Gymnastics, Badminton, Volleyball, and table tennis, depending on space. Our goal is to fund and give types of equipment to 500 or more in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Rajasthan

During phase 2 create a ground team on the Village level, Taluka level, Zila Level, and state Level to adopt more schools, train coaches, and keep an eye on maintenance and future activities.

Love Sports India will market and create awareness in NRI youth to visit their parent's motherland and spend 2 weeks coaching students and 1 week touring India. This will be part of our exchange program for NRI youth.

Funding: Most of the funding will be private from NRI in USA and Industrialist and businesses in India. In the Initial stage, we will provide outdoor exercise equipment and depending on the space indoor games. We will approach the local organizations for coaching.

You can support children and young people’s journey “one school at a time”

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